Why Filmmakers Capitalize on Red Giant Software

Why Filmmakers Capitalize on Red Giant Software

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Video and film productions come in various forms from big-budget feature films that generate millions from worldwide distribution to small promotional or training audio-visuals. Whatever the scope or nature of a production, there is little doubt about the importance of using the right filmmaking and motion graphics computer software to achieve the best visual effects. While several companies exist to provide filmmaking software, only a handful of these companies offer the best quality applications at a reasonable cost. Among the most popular providers is Red Giant and this article examines a few reasons why filmmakers choose it over numerous other providers in the market.

Reasons for using Red Giant for filmmaking

The company offers a wide range of filmmaking and motion graphics software aimed at assisting film makers produce high quality work for their audience. These VFX products include Color Suite, Shooter Suite, and Keying Suite for filmmaking, as well as Trapcode Suite and Effects Suite for motion graphics. Filmmakers and motion designers have cited various reasons for using these products:

Color Suite products such as Magic Bullet, Colorista, and Cosmo, help give footage an emotional dimension, making it feel personal for the audience. Designed by a filmmaker, these products are easily usable for any newcomer and feature advanced controls for seasoned filmmakers. Angels & Demons and Plot Device are among other big-budget feature and independent films that have used these products.

Shooter Suite products, which include PluralEyes, LUT Buddy, and Bullet Proof among other products, ensure maximum accuracy for shots, seamless creation, import and export of Lookup Tables, as well as easy reviewing of footage.

Keying Suite, through tools like Key Correct and PrimatteKeyer, help filmmakers save money and time with a single package containing three studio-ready tools.

The Trapcode Suite is the most extensive motion graphics suite, featuring ten VFX and motion graphics software including Particular, Form, Shine, 3D Stroke, etc. In addition to saving them $611, filmmakers can receive more value when they purchase Trapcode Suite 12, which features a new product, Trapcode Mir, as well as more than 100 Guru Presets at the same affordable price. Moreover, they can easily create and change animated backgrounds, logos, and text files. All in all, reliable results are made possible with full compatibility of Trapcode products with all operating systems.

Finally, the Effects Suite brings together unique design, excellent value and original visual effects in a budget-friendly VFX package.

Important to note is that while good editors are judged on the artistry of their productions, having good filmmaking or motion graphics software provides a strong foundation for exceptional work. As a matter of fact, the best software takes the focus away from the technical features, which fade into the background of the production and post production process, allowing the makers of the film to tell their stories unimpeded by choppy operations. It is clear that Red Giant plays an indispensible role in creating top-quality video or film productions for a variety of purposes, such as training videos, movies and TV series.

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