Shalom greetings for any occasions

Shalom greetings for any occasions

Full Description

Shalom is a Hebrew word meaning peace, prosperity and completeness. This word is also used as hello and goodbye is used in English. The word ‘shalom’ is also used as the name of God. Shalom greetings are greetings that contains text inspired from the Hebrew bible. These greetings are available for purchase on multiple online stores. They can be either bought as hard copy prints or can be sent to loved ones via email as e cards. However, the printed versions are more popular. These shalom greeting cards are designed keeping all occasion in mind.

Why a Shalom greeting?

While getting gifts for the loved ones, we often get confused about what to get. Often it so happens, that while going to buy a gift, we realize that we are not quite aware of the person’s likes and dislikes. Getting a gift that would be inappropriate can get very embarrassing. In such cases, shalom greetings are a very good choice. There are cards of various designs and sizes to pick from. One should also check if it comes with an envelope or not.


The cards are not always handmade. But handmade cards are also available at a higher price. Usually, the paintings are printed on cards which are sold. The remaining are made using computer graphics. Shalom greetings are basically same as any other cards. But they stand out in term of the content. The design and the content of the card is inspired by the writings of the Hebrew bible.


These cards are very popular among the Jews. The Jewish bible has been quoted in these cards. However, these cards can be given to anyone. People from any culture and religion can be on the receiving and giving end of this card. These cards have been inspired by the philosophies in the Hebrew bible. Hence they contain quotes about morality and peace. These are not religious messages, but messages for life and its ideals. Even though the contents may sound age old and outdated, these cards are attractive enough, and are like the modern cards.


Shalom greetings are available in various sizes and on different quality of paper. The two common variants are glossy and matte. Also there are different sizes available for a particular print. There are portrait and landscape prints too. The designs are very modern. But, still they avoid vivid and rich designs. The designs are usually mellow and sober. They reflect the ideals and philosophy of the Hebrew bible. However, they are customized for a variety of occasion, like wedding and birthdays. The cards come is sizes as large as fourteen by eleven inches. The designs are very likable and can be gifted to people of all ages.
Buying one
Shalom greetings have the essence of the Jewish culture and its philosophies. The Shalom greetings are there to popularize the ideals and moralities of the culture among the people. The greetings are available in various online stores. They have different costs based on the size and the type of paper.

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