Reasons behind the Popularity of Red Giant among Filmmakers

Reasons behind the Popularity of Red Giant among Filmmakers

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In order to create a great film, it is imperative that a producer has great software filmmaking and motion graphics. The online market abounds with motion design and filmmaking software from numerous companies and among those that produce the top-used products is Red Giant. This article provides insight into what drives filmmakers and motion designers to select this company’s software over others. In the broad sense, the biggest strength of the company’s products lies in their high quality and ease of usability of the applications. Below are specific features of the visual effects products that attract a sizable consumer base, making them the popular choice.

Reasons for using Red Giant for filmmaking

The company offers a wide range of filmmaking and motion graphics software aimed at assisting film makers produce high quality work for their audience. These VFX products include Color Suite, Shooter Suite, and Keying Suite for filmmaking, as well as Trapcode Suite and Effects Suite for motion graphics. Filmmakers and motion designers have cited various reasons for using these products:

Color Suite products such as Magic Bullet, Colorista, and Cosmo, help give footage an emotional dimension, making it feel personal for the audience. Designed by a filmmaker, these products are easily usable for any newcomer and feature advanced controls for seasoned filmmakers. Angels & Demons and Plot Device are among other big-budget feature and independent films that have used these products.

Shooter Suite products, which include PluralEyes, LUT Buddy, and Bullet Proof among other products, ensure maximum accuracy for shots, seamless creation, import and export of Lookup Tables, as well as easy reviewing of footage.

Keying Suite, through tools like Key Correct and PrimatteKeyer, help filmmakers save money and time with a single package containing three studio-ready tools.

The Trapcode Suite is the most extensive motion graphics suite, featuring ten VFX and motion graphics software including Particular, Form, Shine, 3D Stroke, etc. In addition to saving them $611, filmmakers can receive more value when they purchase Trapcode Suite 12, which features a new product, Trapcode Mir, as well as more than 100 Guru Presets at the same affordable price. Moreover, they can easily create and change animated backgrounds, logos, and text files. All in all, reliable results are made possible with full compatibility of Trapcode products with all operating systems.

Finally, the Effects Suite brings together unique design, excellent value and original visual effects in a budget-friendly VFX package.

Nonetheless, when selecting a company from which to purchase filmmaking software from, there are ways of telling if the software is the right fit for a filmmaker. At the top of the list is usability of the filmmaking and motion graphic software. An ideal package is one that can accommodate a person new to the software, as well as an advanced user. Red Giant creates packages for everyone. It also creates software compatible with multiple OS and which supports various video formats. In summary, using high quality software will ensure that films or television programs produced capture the audience, both aesthetically and emotionally.

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