Newspaper Website Design: Trends And Examples | Smashing Magazine

Newspaper Website Design: Trends And Examples | Smashing Magazine

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Perhaps the most remarkable yet overlooked aspect of the design community is its friendly, enthusiastic spirit. Every day, literally thousands of talented, hard-working folks out there gain new insight from their work, come up with brilliant ideas and then share their experience with fellow designers.
Nourished by the gratitude of its benefactors and powered by the reach of social networking, this community has produced a wide variety of high-quality articles, resources and tools, available to everybody. Every single contribution supports the entire community, and the community supports these contributors with traffic and word-of-mouth advertising: the networking effect at its best.
There is a company behind this magazine: it’s called Smashing Media GmbH. Our primary business is this magazine.
The Smashing family: Vitaly Friedman (founder, editor-in-chief), Sven Lennartz (founder, runs the business), Iris Ljesnjanin (editor), Robin Schulz (Web developer), Thomas Burkert (eBook manager) , Stephan Poppe (editor), Andrew Rogerson (content manager), Talita Telma (product development), Eugenia Hermann (office manager), Jan Constantin (office assistant), Inge Emmler (support), Christiane Rosenberger (research), Ursula Schwientek (support), Elja Friedman (research).
Smashing Media is a young and growing company that publishes articles on various online magazines, but it is also known for producing both electronic and printed books on Web design, Web development and desktop publishing.
If you’re passionate about writing and would like to become a part of our editorial team at Smashing Media, we’d be happy to have you on our team! We’re always looking for dedicated members to join our staff and work with us in the lovely city of Freiburg (in Germany). You’ll need a good command of English (and knowing German wouldn’t hurt either). If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to send us your resume.
Besides enjoying the beauty of Freiburg, with its medieval city center, lovely vineyards and proximity to the Black Forest, you’ll have France and the Swiss Alps just around the corner. We’re sure you’ll also enjoy the playful and open-minded spirit of the Smashing team members, who like to work as hard as they party. Fridays in the office are fun: we have team meetings with a lot of food and healthy juices for everyone. Fresh-cut flowers and a considerable number of stuffed toy animals accompany the Mac and Windows PCs in our modern office rooms. And despite there being a lot of work, there‘s always time for talk among team members to lighten the load. Come and join in! 

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Newspaper Website Design: Trends And Examples | Smashing Magazine, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings


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