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TasteTV can be viewed online on video on demand each week on over scores of television stations nationwide on Hulu on mobile phones and via video podcasts TasteTV reaches millions of households across the United States on over 100 television stations nationwide. Many broadcasts are also available on cable Video On Demand (VOD), available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. BUSINESS DIVERSITY AND OPERATIONS In addition to program production and distribution, TasteTV also produces events such as the annual celebrity-studded TASTE AWARDS for the best food, fashion, and home lifestyle programs on television, in film, online, and on radio. TasteTV also produce the International and Luxury Chocolate Salons and Chocolate Salon competitions, as well as various food & wine events and product reviews. In 2011, TasteTV began the production of events aimed at younger viewers, as well as on the NextGen Science Fair. Via TCB Cafe Publishing, TasteTV produces content in the form of books, eBooks, magazines, guides, and annuals. In addition, TasteTV provides a variety of products, as well as business to business services. MAKING HISTORY Launched in 2004 as THE INDIE FOOD CHANNEL, a year before YouTube and the video iPod existed, TasteTV was the very first multi-platform network in operation to deliver food and lifestyle broadcasts. TasteTV also created and pioneered the concept of niche and customized television channels supporting individual content contributors in a multi-platform environment. We pride our team on the accuracy of its ongoing business vision and strategic forecasting abilities, which are key to TasteTV’s record of success. TasteTV programming highlights the quality and diversity of content that viewers crave in these days of digital, mobile and satellite TV. Vetted by film makers, editors, chefs and regular show audiences, each TasteTV program brings a combination of consistency, surprise, humor, adventure and titillation to one of broadcasting’s most watched genres. It also gives selected cooking shows, short films and documentaries both the widespread visibility and viewership they deserve. 

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TasteTV Networks – TasteTV Media – TasteTV Events, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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