Residential | Commercial | Business | Agents | Franchise | KNZ Brokers ®

Residential | Commercial | Business | Agents | Franchise | KNZ Brokers ®

Full Description

Whether you are an agent or broker or buying/selling a home or a business, KNZ Brokers is uniquely positioned to move you forward.

Superior Technology
KNZ offers not just another amalgamation of pre-existing, out-dated third-party software. KNZ’s technology is proprietary; it was built from the ground up, by brokers and for brokers. KNZ offers Technology 2.0; technology that is continually updated and streamlined according to the needs of the agents who use the platform.

Cutting Edge Marketing Programs
KNZ is not constrained by the limits of conventional Multiple Listing Services. KNZ delivers listings to hundreds of high-traffic websites for maximum visibility. KNZ’s powerful search capacity pulls targeted listings from anywhere in the world to offer unparalleled home and business selection to buyers. And, the modern suite of one-click marketing tools saves agents time and money.

Unrivaled Support
KNZ agents earn competitive commissions, and enjoy all their website, blog, prospecting, listing and marketing tools provided to them. High commissions and low expenses mean that agents keep more of the money they earn.

KNZ Brokers: Our future is dedicated to helping you create your future. 

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Residential | Commercial | Business | Agents | Franchise | KNZ Brokers ®, 2.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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