Need anonymous surfing? Hide IP address

Need anonymous surfing? Hide IP address

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There are times when you don’t want the world to know which website you visited. For example you need to access your Gmail account at work but it is against the IT policy of your company. You know that if you open Gmail someone will be able to track that and you may have to answer questions. Don’t worry – there are ways of anonymous surfing that you may not even be aware of. One of the ways is to hide IP address and surf websites.

Anonymous surfing is nothing but surfing the internet without letting anyone know. Many people think that if they open the incognito window in the Google Chrome browser no one will be able to know which sites they visited. But if you read the disclaimer written in the incognito home page you will find that they clearly mention that employers and ISPs can access the information. So, this is not what comes under surfing the internet anonymously. There are other ways that you can use and no one can track your web history.

The hide IP address application is one of the simplest ways to surf the internet anonymously. This is a small software application that is available freely online. You download and install the application as you would normally do with any other application and then it is ready to be used instantly.

The hide IP address application has a simple modus operandi. Before I tell you how it works let me quickly tell you how companies and institutions block websites. Every computer in the network has an IP address assigned to it. When someone enters the URL of a website and presses enter a request is generated and this request goes to the website server. The website server then processes the request and sends it back in the form of website content. However, in a protected setup there is a firewall that screens all requests that are made. The moment the firewall senses that the request for an unauthorized website has been made from an IP address that is registered with it, it immediately goes ahead and terminates the request. Hence, the website cannot be opened.

The hide IP address application allows you to bypass the firewall by hiding your IP address. So, when the firewall looks at a request made from your computer it cannot read the IP address or gets to read another IP address that is not registered with it. Hence, blocked websites can be opened. And since the IP address is hidden one can do anonymous surfing without any trouble.

There are other modes of anonymous surfing that you can use. For example you can use a proxy website and access a website without anyone coming to know about it. Or you can use free VPN to securely and anonymously surf websites that are blocked.

Anonymous surfing is no big deal till the time you are no engaging in malicious work. Use the hide IP address application confidently and surf all the websites.

There are various ways of anonymous surfing and a simple one among these ways is to hide IP address.  

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