Happy new year (and a belated merry Christmas!)

Happy new year (and a belated merry Christmas!)

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Well, finally it`s all over and a fresh year is underway. Hooray!

My festive season was even more tiring than usual, having lost about two months worth of preparation time after a major project ran behind schedule a bit earlier in the year. So I felt like I was on the back foot throughout the season in terms of my handmade jewellery business. But I survived it, which is the main thing!
I also had my entire family come and stay for several days ` they all live in another state. Given that I was hosting Christmas it meant a lot of preparation for the day itself, as well as for having numerous extra people in the house for some time, including two children. Exhausting!
But they have all gone now and things have slowed down, so it`s time for taking stock and spending some time getting myself sorted out for a new year ` and my first full year of full self-employment.
I plan on spending much of the next few weeks doing some serious business planning and analysis. But also looking again at the fact that I continue to work far too many hours and don`t have enough of a life! It will be good to take a long hard look at all sorts of bits of my life to make them work a bit better.
So here`s to a happy and successful 2010 for all of us!

Just a little note to update you about delivery details for Christmas.
It`s really getting a bit late now for non-Australian orders to arrive in time for the big day, however, sometimes airmail can be surprisingly quick (especially at Christmas), so feel free to take your chances! But be prepared that your order may not arrive in time.
Australian orders being sent by regular post should be placed by 20 December at the latest. Again, orders placed after this time may still arrive in time, but they may not. I strongly suggest you order immediately to be sure your item will arrive in time.
If you`re in Australia and wish to have your order sent by Express Post, you should be safe if you place your order by the morning of 22 December at the latest ` or by the evening if you live around Sydney or in the ACT.
Really the main thing is to order asap to avoid disappointment. I am turning orders around as fast as I possibly can, but the more time you have between ordering and Christmas day, the better!
I hope everyone is surviving the insane season so far. I am! But only just.

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