What makes Buffalo Mozzarella popular all round the globe?

What makes Buffalo Mozzarella popular all round the globe?

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Buffalo Mozzarella that was originally introduced in Italy now has won fans all over the world. It’s hard not to fall in love with the soft delicate cheese of Southern Italy. Italy, its birthplace is not the only producer of Buffalo Mozzarella. Switzerland, the United States, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Thailand, Egypt and South Africa produce this cheese as well. There are many different varieties of it, each with their own unique appearance, scents and tastes.

Buffalo Mozzarella is a mozzarella that is made from the milk of domestic water buffalo. The richness of buffalo milk makes is highly suitable for processing mozzarella that provides high level of protein, fat and minerals.For producing 1 kg of cheese 8 kg of cow milk is required whereas the same quantity of cheese with better quality can be produced with just approximately 5 kg of buffalo milk.

Although Buffalo Mozzarella has a high fat content, giving it a rich creamy texture it’s never a bad choice for health conscious people. It contains high percentage of both calcium and protein and a very less percentage of cholesterol. It has a high concentration of vitamin A.A 100 gram ball of Buffalo Mozzarella contains 22 grams of protein and 22 grams of fat. It comes in a container dipped in a watery liquid and as long as it is moist it’s retains its freshness.However, experts can even tell the difference between Buffalo Mozzarella that was made last night versus the one made this morning.

Buffalo Mozzarella usually contains high moisture and so it’s important that it is eaten fairly quickly after it is made. ButIf the moisture content is less it can be refrigerated for upto one month. The only problem is that as soon as it is exposed to air the taste immediately starts fading. With all these unique features, Buffalo Mozzarella stands out from the rest.

It is a must for pasta, calzone, salad etc. With its smooth texture and freshness it is undoubtedly the best topping for a pizza or grilled bread. People say Buffalo Mozzarella is too good to be used for cooking where other ingredients can ruin its delicate flavor, texture and the pure milk white color.Rather, it should be saved to be eatenby its own- the taste is worth it!In summer months Buffalo Mozzarellais served with fresh tomatoes and basilica. A stuffed version of this cheeseis also very popular and it typically contains olives, ham and tomatoes.

Buffalo Mozzarella is so very popular that it’s birthplace now produces around 33,000 tons of it every year. Around 16 percent of it is sold abroad, mostly in the European Union. France and Germany are the main importers of this variety of mozzarella but its ever increasing popularity all around cannot be ignored with sales to Japan and Russia increasing rapidly.
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