Visiting Algeria, guideline for European citizens

Visiting Algeria, guideline for European citizens

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Nestled between the Mediterranean and the steep, forested hills that form its backdrop, Algiers is a city whose rich history can be seen in its architecture, from its Moorish mosques, Ottoman-style palaces and the Kasbah, a designated UNESCO World Heritage site, to its Berber fortifications, French colonial houses and modern boulevards. The city is home to numerous attractions, including the Great Mosque, the National Library, Martyrs Square, the Bardo Museum and multiple monuments and forts.. Being capital and having rich history and culture, Algiers attracts tourists from all over the world. 14 airlines are operational in Algiers, and you can get cheap flights to Algiers.

As Algeria have good trade with European countries, so businessmen from Europe comes to Algiers visa flights to Algiers from London. 14 airlines have different cheap flights to Algiers from 19 cities in the world without stops. As its economical crises in the world, so people prefer cheap flights to Algiers.British airline has its special flights to Algiers from London and to every big city of the world. British Airways flights to Algiers land at Algiers Houari Boumediène Airport, 12 miles east of the centre of Algiers. When flights land in Algiers make your way into the city by bus or taxi. Then revive yourself after Algiers flights with a walk along the seafront, lined with buildings from the 1800s.

Fill up on Algiers favorites like couscous and hearty tagine stews after flights to Algiers at the bustling restaurants along Rue Didouche Mourade.Once flights to Algiers have arrived, you’ll find that the quickest way to reach Algiers city centre is by taxi. The journey usually takes less than 30 minutes, but can take longer during Algiers’ busy rush hour periods. You can also take an airport bus to reach the city centre after Algiers flights land. Buses leave every 30 minutes from outside Flight Arrivals and take slightly longer than taxis.After your flight to Algiers from London, explore the historic sights of the Algerian capital. Step off Algiers flights straight into a different century as you wander the white stone streets of the ancient Kasbah.

Then go shopping for silver jewelers and colorful carpets to take home on your return flights from Algiers. Watch artists from Algiers at work in the studios of Villa Abd-el-Tif, and buy some paintings to take with you on your flight home from Algiers. Before your return flight from Algiers, enjoy breathtaking views of the city and harbor from the hilltop Notre Dame d’Afrique cathedral.Some 20 km (12 mi) to the west of Algiers are such seaside resorts as Sidi Fredj (ex-Sidi Ferruch), Palm Beach, Douaouda, Zéralda, and the Club of the Pines (residence of State). The city is also equipped with important hotel complexes such as the hotel Hilton, El-Aurassi or El Djazair. Algiers also has the first water park in the country. The tourism of Algiers is growing but is not as developed as that of the larger cities in Morocco or Tunisia.

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