Thumb Brace For Tendonitis

Thumb Brace For Tendonitis

Full Description

Thumb splint is used in injuries in the forearm. Thumb Brace For Tendonitis are very useful for wrist and thumb injuries. A thumbs spica splint is simply a type of splint that immobilizes the thumb and wrist to keep it stable enough for healing or movement. In many wrist based injuries, wrist and thumb splint are used to keep them stable because it is more effective and keeps the wrist and thumb stable.
Thumb spica splint or spica thumb splint is a convenient device designed to keep the thumb in the abduction (functionally neutral) position. Support the CMC joint and immobilize the MCP joint of the thumb without inhibiting hand movement. Helps reduce pain and inflammation associated with cumulative trauma injuries and prevent further thumb injury.

A thumb spica splint for arthritis is being fitted to the thumb portion of the hand for immobilizing the thumb and permits continued unrestricted use of the other fingers of the hand some doctors call is as wrist thumb spica splint or wrist and thumb spica splint

Thumbs Spica Splint : The wrist thumb spica splint prevents the thumb from moving and pushing against the palm. It is generally used for the broken bones or fractures.

Usage of Thumb Splints

Thumb braces are applied to decrease movement and to provide support and for reducing discomfort by stabilization of a particular injury. It is used to temporarily immobilize the fracture prior to surgery and assists healing. They are preferred in emergency department so that acute injury is evaluated.

A thumb support can be used for various injuries that include the following:

Injury to ulnar collateral ligament

Scaphoid injuries

Positioning of the bone at right place

Lunate injuries

Properties Of thumb splint

Smart and sleek

Breathable matrix

Removable malleable splint

Allows free movement of the hand


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