The European Destination –

The European Destination -

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Whether you wish to pedal, fly or drive, you´ll find an original, convenient way of travelling around Europe that suits your needs and all at your own pace.

We want you to fall in love with Europe, today and forever.

You feel like being idle, going to the beach or the countryside, or you can’t resist the lure of the mountains?

Do you like partying at night and sunbathing during the day?
Do you like discovering cultural heritage, museums, castles and monuments?
Do you like doing sport during the day and enjoying operas in the open air in the evening? 
Do you like getting away in nature, discovering varied fauna and flora in national parks? 
Do you like coming in contact with welcoming local people and different cultures?

Europe is open to everyone. With shengen breaking down many borders that have stood for centuries and equal opportunities regulations to ensure public places are welcoming and accessible your next vacation couldn’t be more enjoyable.
Modern means of transportation let you to travel between different European regions or countries in the shortest time possible: domestic airlines and low-cost companies offer a variety of connections at highly competitive prices.
Railways are another fast, ecological option when travelling between European countries: the TGV in France, the ICE en Germany, the AVE in Spain, the Eurostar between Belgium and France to the United Kingdom with the famous tunnel underneath the English Channel, as well as the Thalys train, which operates in France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.


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