Solutions offered by foundation repair companies

Solutions offered by foundation repair companies

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Repairing concrete foundations of buildings and homes is not an easy job, even when it is a part of general masonry. A fault with the foundation of a building can be detected years after the building was erected due to age, or because of faulty construction, natural calamities or use of low quality materials. Foundation repair is in huge demand in San Antonio and around the continent because of the growing count of concrete housing structures across the country. San Antonio foundation repair companies have mushroomed in large count over the years following the escalating demand in the market.

If you are looking for foundation repair services for your home, then there is a host of options awaiting you. Depending on the equipments and expertise used, the companies offer different solutions for one problem. Advanced repair systems include use of Pro-life systems to offer permanent repair solutions to cracked foundation issues. The system uses modern technology followed by the most fool-proof method to fill cracks and fix breakage in the concrete foundations. San Antonio foundation repair companies also offer concrete piers constructing services for homes and small commercial establishments. The company workers drill holes into the ground and fill them with liquid concrete to create columns to support the foundation, a method that promises long-lasting foundations.

Concrete and steel pilling are common services offered by San Antonio foundation repair companies when it comes to handling foundation damages. Quite similar to the concrete piers system, this method involved boring of the ground to push in concrete columns that fortify the foundation that is built underground. As for steel piling, the workers level the house by first raising it and power-washing the entire campus before settling it down. However, the foundation repair men measures and calculates the height to which the houses are raised while the lawn and surroundings are cleaned.

Mud jacking is another foundation repair system in which the same lifting process is undertaken, only with the use of multiple concrete types that are of very or relatively low strength. Often foundations get damaged because of the soil type and quality on which the houses are built. In that case, the San Antonio foundation repair service providers make use of non-toxic substances that are injected in the soil to alter its composition, water content, salinity, etc so that the foundation seated in it is not adversely affected. Mostly, they use fluids like ammonium salts and potassium ions to spray the water with in order to stop the ground from swelling up in certain cases. Root barrier is another major problem that can weaken the foundation of a house. Solid objects, chemical content of the soil, etc. act as potential hindrances to the home foundations. The repair services include detection and removal of these objects so that the foundation can stand inside the soil, unimpeded by an object.
Find a reliable provider today to know which service you need to hire to fix the problems in your house foundation.

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