Role of Airlines in Developing and London Relationships between Mogadishu

Role of Airlines in Developing and London Relationships between Mogadishu

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The day of 23rd February is significant to Somalia’s recent history. It was the day when there were a number of flights to Mogadishu from London. The flights to Mogadishu brought numerous British representatives to the city and various other interested welfare parties. They got together to discuss the economic instability in Somalia. This new set of flights to Mogadishu from London has been perceived as a sign of hope by Somalia’s government and a chance for the benighted country to move forward. In the light of the new developing relationships, it was hoped that a session of cheap flight to Mogadishu would start. The cheap flights to Mogadishu from London would make it easy for the London based Somalis to travel between the two cities.

The developing relationships are vital for the economic stability of Somalia. United Kingdom intends to support the cheap flights to Mogadishu from London and various other parts of the world, so that the potential investors and donors can be brought in the city. The UK’s desire to sponsor flights to Mogadishu is an instance of emerging bilateral relationships. London has also encouraged the Somalia, in the Conference held on 23rd February to give up on a centralized state for now and instead make some attempts to strength the locals. This new state, without the concentrated power at the center, would be beneficial from the economic point of view. The flights to Mogadishu would bring in donors who would be ready to cough up cash in the region.

The cash needs to be utilized at the proper places for the economy to strengthen. Further, under these support programs by London, cheap flight to Mogadishu would bring in the welfare investors in the unfortunate state. Airlines are playing a vital role to bridge in the gap between the donors and the receivers. Mogadishu, being the Capital city of Somalia has to act as a hub from where the flights would go to London and then the flights back to Mogadishu. Business, as a wheel to Somali economy, is the key component which would be taken care of during the developing course of bilateral relationships. The Donors from London are ready to take personal flights to Mogadishu and give loans to medium-sized money-making Somali Companies. The modern days’ industrial equipment is also provided to the Somali industries by London.

The cheap flights to Mogadishu bring delicate industrial equipment to the city, which cannot be transported by the Ship. Somalia has a potential market for livestock industry. The latent investors and importers take flights to Mogadishu from London just to bid on Somali castles and sheep. An opportunity of cheap flight to Mogadishu has enabled various livestock customers to fly to Mogadishu and buy the animals. Trade in goats, sheep and camels account for almost half of Somali exports. Understanding a need for consolidated economy and extending a hand to country’s economic development, Somali Airlines are resolute to provide quality and cheap flight services to Mogadishu. The help extended by London can flourish Somali economy within decades, provided the investment is carefully tailored by the authorities of the country.

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