NAVSUP: Serving Navy Proudly

NAVSUP: Serving Navy Proudly

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US Navy is a strong part of the armed forces of the country and is serving the national interest in many parts of the world in addition to protecting the country from any attack from the seas. You can serve the nation well if you join Navy but even if you fail to do so because of any reason, there is one organization through which you can still serve the Navy and feel yourself to be a part of our defense structure. This is NAVSUP, an organization employing nearly 25000 employees and looking after the requirements of the navy personnel through supplies of materials and services.

The primary objective of NAVSUP, an acronym that stands for Naval Supply System Command, is to serve the naval forces through logistics so that its personnel, no matter where they are posted, get quality services and goods in a timelymanner. The organization has its headquarters in Mechanicsburg in Pennsylvania though there are many centers of the organization to ensure supplies to the naval personnel in the most professional manner. To manage supply chains that deliver services and goods to navy is no mean task, and NAVSUP has been performing this role n the most efficient and professional manner.

Contracting is one of the key activities of NAVSUP
NAVSUP has many areas of function such as maintaining weapon systems, issuing navy contracts for procuring materials and services, material management, and even warehousing. Navy contracts thrown by the organization are won by reliable companies based inside the country and their performance evaluation is carried out by NAVSUP on a frequent basis. Contracting activities of the organization are one of its primary functions and also a source of income for the organization. This profit or income is spent on the welfare of the naval personnel and also to boost their morale by arranging entertainment programs for personnel who are on the seas.

NAVSUP is free to set its own procedures and policies and does not need to seek approval every time it throws opennavy contracts to purchase something from vendors in the country. In fact, the organization can be deemed as the head for all contracting activities that go inside the department of defense. However, the organization understands that its primary objective is to ensure that naval fleets around the globe get what they need whenever they need it. NAVSUP has taken up the challenge of maintaining supplies for navy from the erstwhile Inventory Control Point.

One of the commands of the organization is called the Navy Exchange command. The headquarters of this command are in Virginia. It oversees the operation of stores on ships, navy lodges and navy exchanges that includes looking after the uniforms of the sailors and special protective clothing that navy personnel use in elite operations. Through its three main business lines that are weapons support, logistics support, and sailor and family support, NAVSUP not only fulfills the requirements of navy personnel across the globe but also helps in improving the quality of lives of sailors and their families.
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