My wonderful Beijing Bus Tours

My wonderful Beijing Bus Tours

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Beijing sightseeing tour offers beautiful natural scenery, historical sites and the great chance to have a close contact with the colorful traditional culture. Since there are countless tourist destinations deserve to visit in Beijing so if time allows, have the Beijing tour package will be much better. If you are traveling with tight time and want to have a view of the most representative attractions in Beijing, Beijing Bus Tours
will also meet your needs.
When talking about the tours in Beijing, no matter to the domestics or the foreign tourists, Great Wall tour ranks the first. There are five sections of the Great Wall opened to the public in Beijing: Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall and Juyongguan Great Wall. The common characteristics of these sections are that they are all the military installations with a long history since ancient China and have the distance view of them they look like a dragon stretch along the mountains. Also different each other, they all have their own features.
Located nearest to the city downtown, Badaling Great Wall is the most famous and popular section full of people every day even in the cold winter. It is a part of the great defensive works in ancient China, a mountain pass of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall, the most outstanding representatives of the Beijing Great Wall as well as the essence of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall. Far away from the city downtown, too much time on the traffic, Mutianyu Great Wall is not crowed as Badaling. However the scenery there deserve every minute. The best way to experience the scenery in Mutianyu Great Wall is to take the cable car to the top. One reason is to save the energy and the other is to enjoy the whole view of it. Have a bird’s eye view and you will get very different feelings.
If you are interested in Great Wall Hiking Tour, you had better choose the Jinshanling and Simatai Great Wall hiking tour from where you will both enjoy the colorful scenery as well as the wild life of the Great Wall.
During Beijing Day tour to Beijing Great Wall, you will enjoy the essence of Beijing trip as well as the most significant scenery in Beijing.

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