Moshoeshoe Airport Caters The World Flights To Maseru

Moshoeshoe Airport Caters The World Flights To Maseru

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Maseru is the capital of Lesotho situated on the north western border. It is the largest city having worth while shopping malls as an attraction for the tourists.If you have decided to take a flight to Maseru, South African Airways is providing the cheaper flights to Maseru on a couple of days from Johannesburg. Similarly, Air link is also offering the economical and cheaper flights to Maseru. This flight to Maseru costs around M2200. More charter flights to Maseru are also took you from various regions of the world. Moshoeshoe Airport is an international standard airport where day and night flights to Maseru are catered.

As the gun related and armed carjacking crime rate is increasing in the Maseru, so special safety and security measures are given to the British national before taking a flight to Maseru from London. The entire flight to Maseru from London covers the distance of 5862.45 miles. In order to enter the country premises no visa is required for the British national, they just have the British passport which is being checked on the airport before the flight to Maseru from London. British nationals also have to show the evidence of return ticket to the concerned authority. In order to make your legal entry they charge the £50 to process a Lesotho visa application.

You can also travel to Maseru by car other than taking a flight to Maseru. For this you have to cross the Maseru Bridge Border Post where visa and legal documents are being checked before entering the boundary of Maseru. Another way by which you can enter the city is by numerous South African national coach services. This is the effective and safe mean to travel and enjoy the trip without fear. Moreover, you can take the taxi from the main station.As Lesotho is known as the transport hub so a lot of bus services are departed from here to distinct places of the country. Tourists can easily take the taxi from the main taxi station, Moeshoeshoe Rd where private cabs are available on the rate of M20.While roaming around the city, you must have to travel with care and heed.

Because of the armed car-jacking take the guard with you as a precautionary measure. Or if you are driving by your own then try to travel on in day time. For driving, British driving licence is valid to move around in the city. But keep the windows shut and door locked while driving in the urban areas. Unfortunately all the driving standards are poor and below standard. Local mini taxis are so insecure and ill-maintained that it is better to move around on foot rather than to travel by bus. At night the muggers specially target the foreigners and take the valuable things from them on the gun point. So, it is advised that not to travel at night in the rural areas and only keep yourself at ease. And if some unexpected event happened to you not to resist them because they won’t care for you and even killed you for taking the things from you. This is all due to the negligence of the government on their development and growth.

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