Luyện viết tiếng anh

Luyện viết tiếng anh

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Vietnamese students or du học sinh are very good at foreign languages, but knowing a language very well involves not only communicating verbally in that language, but also non-verbally. And in this category of nonverbal communication, we can include writing as well. Sending and receiving written messages, deciphering their symbols, and understanding their meaning, all of these need to be improved before applying for a position as a student at a foreign university, in an English-speaking country.

Therefore, if you are a Vietnamese student who has big dreams of becoming a world-renowned professional after graduating from an international university, it is recommended to address StudyLink International, a student recruitment partner of more than 1000 universities and colleges across the world. This company offers English language training to students preparing to leave Vietnam and go to an English-speaking country to follow various courses, from mathematics and biology, to chemistry and cultural studies.

At StudyLink International, students can practise writing in English or luyện viết tiếng anh, speaking in English, reading in English, and listening to actual foreigners speaking. What differentiates this company from others that offer similar services is that with StudyLink International, students learn how to express themselves clear and concise, and impress those who read their articles or essays through their writing. In other words, lecturers working at StudyLink do not ask their students to transcribe short paragraphs from English manuals to their notebooks, but to write actual essays and convince their audience through their outstanding use of vocabulary and relevant ideas.

Students or du học sinh that want to improve their essay writing skills and get high scores at TOEFL, IELTS or TOEIC exams are invited to enroll in the Essay Writing Course provided by StudyLink International. This course will help them improve their academic writing skills, guaranteeing success for the educational and career objectives that they have in mind. This course lasts for 10 weeks, time in which each student’s progress is attentively monitored by the lecturer.

Speaking of lecturers, they are selected based on the criteria of efficiency, reliability, and of course, of an excellent knowledge of the English language, they use interactive teaching methods, and they are highly experienced, having trained numerous groups of students preparing to study abroad. StudyLink International is committed to delivering quality English teaching to all those interested to practice writing in English or luyện viết tiếng anh, reading in English, speaking in English, and listening to English language, at the highest level.
Vietnamese students or du học sinh , who want to practise writing in English (luyện viết tiếng anh ) to obtain high scores at important English language exams, such as IELTS or TOEIC, should contact StudyLink International, a company that offers English language training to all those who want to study abroad. 

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