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Our mission is to create fun and interactive learning modules that can be utilized by teachers, parents, and home schoolers to enhance their learning environments, and increase the interest and attentiveness of their learners. We believe that educating our populations is the single greatest way to achieve the other lofty goals of mankind, and that every resource at our disposal aught to be used to this end. We believe that the great worldwide problems and calamities can all be solved through the power of education. Thus our mission is to reach every child, in every corner of the globe, and provide them with free educational resources. The KidsKnowIt Network was born in the Summer of 1998, when a Salt Lake City, Utah, USA educator began a classroom project for his students. Frustrated with the lack of quality educational websites at the dawn of the Internet, this teacher set out to build his own. With absolutely no programming, design, or Internet training of any kind, he purchased a book on website development, and began to teach himself how to program. Several hundred frustrating hours later, the first website,, was published. Mr. Bertoch’s initial intentions were to use this website only for his own students, and to develop later sites which he would also use with his students. Quickly however, other teachers at Oquirrh Hills Elementary School where Mr. Bertoch taught, and around the community began Office In Salt Lake City, Utah to also utilize the sites. Over time, the project picked up steam, as it was written about in magazines, featured in nightly news casts, mentioned in national radio broadcasts, and listed as a recommended resource by libraries and schools across North America. Today, 14 Years Later the KidsKnowIt Network provides free access to our educational tools to tens of million of visitors every single month. From around the globe these children come because they yearn to learn. Mr. Bertoch remains as the owner and President of the KidsKnowIt Network. A small staff of talented individuals including stay at home moms, and many volunteers help keep the site up to date, program new features, write new material, and edit the site. Volunteers from a number of universities, and also from NASA graciously give of their time to help insure that the information in our websites is accurate. Many teachers have also kindly given of their time to help further develop new projects, insuring that websites are age appropriate. A number of parents and students have also donated countless hours in research time, as new programs are developed, and tested. The KidsKnowIt Network remains firmly committed to our mission to provide innovative educational tools to children free of charge. Mr. Bertoch believes that education should be fun, and that it should be free. Free, high quality education is a gift, and a legacy. It is something that all children deserve. For this reason, Mr. Bertoch has turned down offers to sell the KidsKnowIt Network, instead opting to stick with it, to insure that it continues to strive towards fully realizing its mission statement. 

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