Kartenlegen am telefon bei astrophonia.de

Kartenlegen am telefon bei astrophonia.de

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The kartenlegen am telefon bei astrophonia.de can help you with the usually daunting task of reading and interpreting your birth chart. Accurately knowing the difference between the interchangeable terms of birth chart and horoscope is the first thing you can begin with. The horoscope you so often hear about is simply a map of heavens, or zodiac, while the birth chart is a horoscope for the exact moment of birth. The first one can be cast at any moment in time, be it at the beginning of a business or before going in a trip, while the second is expressive of just one moment.

www.astrophonia.de, just as many other professional future tellers, has surpassed that time when, not too long ago, setting up a personal horoscope was an extremely laborious process that usually involved complex mathematical steps, and to which only a small number of people had access. In the age of computers and telecommunications, everyone has access to a detailed and accurate natal chart. However, the art doesn’t stand in casting a birth chart but in its interpretation and the ability to make sense of all the intricate denotations. In this situation, the professional astrologist behind the kartenlegen am telefon bei astrophonia.de perform a role similar to that of a physician or therapist looking for a diagnostic.

The interpretation of the birth chart requires from the reader extensive knowledge of astrological field, a keen power of observation, a strong ability for emphasising and something more that resembles a sixth sense, an extra-sensory power that enables the astrologist to make predictions. Therefore, you should take your time in finding someone able to provide an incisive, compassionate and revelatory interpretation of your natal horoscope that can help you much more than doing it on your own could, no matter your experience in this sort of activity.

The art of prediction requires the astrologists at www.astrophonia.de to use multiple tools in order to gain detailed results that are focused on your specific area of interest. Reading by yourself about your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your tendencies in taking action is seldom an accurate way of predicting what might happen in the future. At www.astrophonia.de, the prediction of future conditions usually starts with the drawing of a horary chart, or the representation of the present moment for which the person is asking clarifications. The theory of horary astrology underlines predictive techniques similar to I Ching, Tarot and card reading. Another method that the astrologist might use is the study of planets’ transit in order to arrive at their exact position in the future.

The solar return chart is a horoscope cast at the exact moment of the Sun’s passing through an angle of your sign existent at the moment of your birth. It’s a secondary tool that astrologists may analyse with respect to your chart, leading to new aspects formed as a direct result of this comparative analysis. It’s the most useful tool when you’re seeking trends for the coming year. Another popular technique of prediction is the progressed birth chart, which relates the human psychic to the Earth’s daily rotation around its axis and the annual solar revolution.

As you may have noticed, www.astrophonia.de http://www.astrophonia.de/ can use multiple means of assessing your future, the kartenlegen am telefon bei astrophonia.de http://www.astrophonia.de/ being just one of them.

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