Is dog aggression curable?

Is dog aggression curable?

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Many dog owners ask themselves if their dogs can be cured and if after the training they receive will they ever be aggressive again? Taking into account the advanced knowledge upon dog aggression and the available techniques, some types of aggression can be completely eliminated, while others just reduced. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that an aggressive dog will be forever cured. In many cases, the only solution is to limit the dog’s exposure to the situations that made it aggressive from the beginning.

No matter what, there will always be a risk involved with dealing with an aggressive dog. But as the owners are considered their parents, they are responsible for the dog’s behaviour and must be aware that something can always happen. It is never possible to predict all possible situations and to tell exactly when a dog turns out to be aggressive or not, even though the dog has behaved well for years. Some dogs can fall back on the strategy, especially those who have dealt with dog aggression before. Assuming the dog is not cured completely, owners should not let their guards down and always ask for professional help if needed.

What is certain is that some breeds are more exposed to dog aggression and they are more likely to bite. There is some explanation for this, including the fact that certain breeds served other purposes in the past. Some of them were very appraised for their ability to protect and guard, while others were trained to hunt or to fight. Although such breeds don’t come across the possibility to fulfil those needs again in present days, they can still have that DNA in the genes, meaning predisposition towards certain types of aggression. People should not make the mistake of judging the dogs by their breed and making differences between them.

The actual problems of an aggressive dog come from dealing with people and with other animals and how they interact with them. It is highly recommended for owners to check in on the breeds and see exactly what suits them best and their lifestyle. Perhaps some people prefer a small dog with a lot of joy in it, while others want a more devoted and protective animal by their side. The best advice is to provide the dog with the right socialisation from the start and to try as best as possible to treat it right. Many owners take their puppies to the trainer, but the training can also help the owners as well, for better understanding of their dogs.

Although it is not easy to live with an aggressive dog, the signs they show from the beginning should not be omitted. There are rare situations in which dogs start biting from the start, without showing their teeth at first, growling at their owners, barking and so on. If it is treated in time and by someone professional, dog aggression can be surpassed and you and your best friend can continue that beautiful relationship.

There are several ways to deal with an aggressive dog, so it is not a matter of losing hope in your pet. When it is treated right and at the right time, dog aggression can be just a memory.

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