Intensive Care Medicine In West Hollywood

Intensive Care Medicine In West Hollywood

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Critical care medicine, or commonly referred to as intensive care medicine, is the certain branch of medicine concerning the management and diagnosis of conditions that can threaten the life of a person which all require a sophisticated kind of invasive monitoring and organ support.

The patients that require an intensive care might need support for their instability (hypotension/hypertension), acute renal failure, respiratory or airway compromise, and the possibility of lethal cardiac arrhythmias, which pertains to the accumulated effects brought about by the failure of multiple organs, now commonly called the multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. Also, these patients might be admitted for invasive/intensive monitoring, a good example of which is following the most crucial hours following a major surgery when the patient is diagnosed as too unstable to be transferred to a unit that is monitored less intensively.

Usually, intensive care is given to those patients who have a condition that is possibly reversible or those who have higher chances of surviving once intensive care medicine and support is given. Because those who are critically ill are near death already, it can be a bit tricky to predict the outcome of the said intervention. The primary requisite why a patient is admitted to the ICU or intensive care unit under the care of an ICU specialist is the chance for the underlying condition to be overcome.

The medical studies imply a certain kind of connection between the care quality and ICU volume for those patients that are mechanically ventilated. After the adjustment for variables of demography, illness severity as well as the ICUs characteristics, the higher volume of ICU can be significantly related with lower hospital and ICU mortality rates. In general, intensive care medicine also happens to be the most technologically advance, resource-intensive, and expensive medical care area.

Even though it is relatively a new field, critical care medicine is now becoming more and more essential specialty in the field of medicine. The physicians who have comprehensive training in this field are called the intensivists or the ICU specialists. In US, this kind of specialty calls for an extra fellowship training for doctors who have already finished their training for primary residency in pediatrics, internal medicine, emergency medicine, surgery, or anesthesiology. Critical care medicine’s board certification in US is made available through the 5 specialty boards. The intensivists who have undergone their primary internal medicine training usually pursue joint fellowship training in a different subspecialty like cardiology, nephrology, infectious disease, and pulmonary medicine.

Without a doubt, intensive care medicine is one field that plays a truly significant role in the medical field. Due to the sensitivity and criticality of this particular field, it is important that only those who have undergone comprehensive training will look into those patients who are in such condition. Here, the help of the most professional and skilled ICU specialist becomes a big must. Today, it is now very easy to find the best ICU specialist who can offer exceptional services on intensive care medicine that you might need.

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