Học bổng du học

Học bổng du học

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Studying abroad is expensive and, due to the economic difficulties today, it is not available for each Vietnamese student. Students who want to study in a foreign country need to have rich parents, to give them financial support and pay for their expenses. Unfortunately, few parents have this possibility, and because of this, they are unable to satisfy the education needs of their children. But there is a solution: students can apply for học bổng du học or scholarships, and if they prove to be excellent students, they can have their education fee covered by the scholarship.

In order for a Vietnamese student, who wants to tư vấn du học or study abroad, to get a scholarship, first he needs to apply for a certain course, then wait for an offer from the university that he has chosen, and finally complete a scholarship application form. It usually takes about 1.5 years for a request to be processed, more than enough time to prepare yourself for the English language tests, such as IELTS or TOEIC, that you will have to pass, to qualify for a position as a student within a certain foreign university. The scholarship application form has to be sent together with a short personal statement about your future career, as you see now, at the beginning of the road.

But scholarships or học bổng du học can be offered not only for covering the incumbent fees that each student has to pay during his education process, but also for waving enrolment fees. Learning at world’s top universities comes with lots of benefits for the worthy students. Just like small shops or large retailer stores, universities have their own special offers. Be sure to check them out and apply for the scholarship that you deserve. Some scholarships are destined only to students that have proven to be the best in their field, but others are created for a much larger community. For example, some universities approve some students to skip enrolment fees, if they start their studies within a certain month.

In addition to all the scholarships and discounts, students who want to study abroad or tư vấn du học, can receive training and support from the best student recruitment organization in Vietnam, StudyLink International. This company collaborates with school partners that have been directly visited and verified, offers specialized English language training to help students integrate better into their new study environment, and is officially recognized by a large number of educational institutions in the United States of America, Great Britain, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand. The process of applying to and being accepted by a foreign university as their student is easy if you rely on StudyLink International.
Planning to study abroad or tư vấn du học http://www.studylink.org/Tu-van-du-hoc-cac-nuoc ? Those interested in receiving training for passing the IELTS or TOEIC exams are invited to enter this company’s website and learn everything there is to know about học bổng du học http://www.studylink.org/Chuong-trinh-hoc-bong-du-hoc . 

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