Common mistakes and errors in CV writing

Common mistakes and errors in CV writing

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A CV is one of the most important documents you will ever write, yet it is something many people do not take time and care over. CV writing is a skill, and many people looking for jobs and preparing their CV find themselves falling into common pitfalls and making mistakes that could lead to their CVs getting ignored. There are a number of tips you can follow, or another option is getting your CV professionally written to make sure you have a top quality CV to send off to potential employers.

When starting your CV writing, make sure you use a font that is big enough to read easily. Font size 11 or 12 is perfect. Some people make the mistake of using a small font so they can cram more information into a shorter space. It doesn’t work and if potential employers can’t read your CV, it’s likely they will bin it. Using a professional service for your CV writing means you will get a top quality CV that is legible and looks professional, meaning your chances of landing the job you want improve vastly.

When you have completed your CV writing you simply must use a spellchecker. Top quality CVs are always completely free from grammatical errors and any mistakes will send your CV straight to the bin. You should also get your CV proofread, and the best person to do this is a professional who will immediately identify any spelling or grammatical errors. A CV writing professional will also be able to organise your CV to give it the best impact and rewrite it to show off your skills in the best light, giving you the best possible chance of getting that job interview.

Leaving out dates is another mistake people make when CV writing. Having gaps in education or employment on your CV and not explaining them can be the difference between an average CV and a quality CV. It is okay to have been out of work, but you need to tell potential employers what you were doing during that time. A professional specialising in CV writing will be able to turn your out of work time into something valuable and positive, and so give you a quality CV.

Using a professional in CV writing to produce, edit or amend your CV is the best way of ensuring that you get the job you’ve been dreaming of. CV writing is a skill, and it can be hard to find the right words to describe your previous accomplishments and careers. We find it hard to blow our own trumpet, so a professional CV writer is the best person to do it for you. They can tailor your CV to the industry you are interested in working in, making sure the right words appear and that you demonstrate all the skills and requirements necessary for the position you are applying for. is a professional UK CV writing company. Get your CV written by recruitment professionals.

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