Commercial Property Management Miami- South Florida

Commercial Property Management Miami- South Florida

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In every aspect of commercial real estate, Commercial Property Management Miami strives to exceed every client’s expectations. With a range of services that includes nearly all the usual commercial real estate disciplines, our executive involvement in every project makes us stand out from the crowd. Commercial Property Management Miami offers the personalized service that other commercial real estate firms often lack. Our firm works in teams because we believe that a small tight-knit group can work faster and more efficiently than a huge division. As residents of South Florida for over 25 years, we understand the region as only locals can, and we understand that our Clients are not only investors and property owners, but people that want to be treated with dignity, honesty, and respect.

We realize that there is no consistent way to managing every property transaction; each has its own objectives, and each has its own difficulties. Our team has been constructed with the creativeness and variety of experience to satisfy nearly any need of our clients. It is this essential business technique that has permitted us to flourish and broaden into a multi-dimensional company. When taking on a new venture, a particular team is allocated to do an assessment particular to your needs and provide a exercise program to ensure the best and best chance of success. Please take a look below and evaluation some of the commercial services that we can offer you.

Full Service Property Management Including:
• Full Service Property and Facilities Management
• Risk Assessment
• Lease Administration
• Prepare specific quantitative and qualitative analyses
• Lease Administration
• Facilities Management
• Energy Audits
• Asset Evaluation
• Marketing Services
• Leasing Services
• Property Repositioning

Real Property Broker Services:

• Full Assistance Residence and Features Management
• Risk Assessment
• Lease Administration
• Office, store, and business leasing
• Multi-family economical commitment sales
• Commercial economical commitment sales

Receivership Services:

(Please see Receivership Solutions for More Information)

• State and Government Court
• Consulting
• Court Reporting
• Contracts and Leases
• Asset Research, situational and industry studies, and due attentiveness preparation
• Strategic Therapy with Lenders, Legal courts, Advice, etc.
• Long term and Short term Objectives Development
• Development and Implementation of Functional and Investment Budgets

Asset Management Services:
Commercial Property Management Miami believes that Asset Management includes the physical conservation of the property, the financial planning and control of operation and the marketing of the asset. Every property in the Commercial Property Management Miami portfolio is managed according to the unique investments goals of the owner. These specific requirements of the investor/owner often include an operating budget, financing and refinancing considerations, cash distributions instructions and an exit strategy.

Commercial Property Management Miami offers asset and portfolio management services to help increase your property’s value as a long term goal of your investment portfolio. Based on our management’s proven ability to determine local market strengths and weaknesses, as well as identifying and executing investment and refinancing opportunities, our asset management team can develop and execute real estate evaluations to guide the development and maintenance of your assets. Some Asset Management Services:

• Extensive Market Research
• Property Research Evaluation
• Portfolio Analysis
• Strategy Formulation
• Restructure of Struggling Actual Property Assets
• Financing and Financial debt Restructuring
• Accounting and Financial Services
• Exit Techniques to Reduce Tax Consequences
• Acquisition and frame of mind due diligence
• Asset Valuations
• Operational opinions and restructuring
• CAM and Rental audits

Construction Management Services:
Commercial Property Management Miami’s executive team has had extensive experience in budgeting and coordinating tenant improvements. Our Property Services Manager monitors the project, reviews plans, arranges the Notice of Non-Responsibility, inspects work in progress, follows up on the punch-list, monitors the expenses and obtains the Certificate of Occupancy. Our resources include long-standing relationships with quality tenant improvement contractors, space planners, builders, architects, and structural engineers who share our goal of working with the tenant to ensure a smooth tenant improvement construction process and scheduled completion.
Commercial Property Management Miami has the ability to identify and resolve your construction needs quickly and effectively. We have a large network of competent professionals in all areas of construction and improvement who can meet your needs in a timely manner. As part of our construction program, we provide regular site inspections, present our findings to homeowners, building management or association boards and assist in securing bids if maintenance work is required. Our Construction Management Services are as follows:

• Planning and conceptual design
• Schedule management
• Budget development
• Regular website inspections
• Detailed servicing perform order system that monitors success and realization work
• Financing and Financial debt Restructuring
• Management of the overall progression process
• Risk Planning and Management
• Maintenance and repair staff
• Solicitation of installers & bids
• Preventative Maintenance Program
• 24 hour urgent situation service


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