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Career Management Services & Recruiting

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The Internet is the catalyst for the technology and communication revolution that will change every facet of business, as we know it today. Manufacturers in every industry face critical decisions on how and when to implement e-businesses. In developing an e-business strategy the goal is not to reengineer internal strategic processes, but to provide insight, direction, and options that will facilitate a process of successful e-business strategy development and implementation.

The core of today’s technology is the ability to capture information quickly and to share it faster. To put it in perspective, the fax machine reduced the transfer of documents from days to minutes; the Internet does the same with the transfer of data and transaction processes. The movement of processes and /or transaction data, not documents, between manufacturer, supplier and customer is real-time. The key benefits to this model are:

The ability to create virtual inventories by linking into the supply chain
The ability to reduce the cycle time of order placement to delivery
Interactive customer service and on-line sales.
Expansion of markets locally, nationally or even globally with no incremental costs
The ability to test the attraction of new products and services
Reduction of marketing costs
On-line, real-time access to shared data

CMS solid reputation for building successful teams who implement effective Internet solutions on time and on budget makes us an ideal partner-here’s why:

Dedicated specialists focusing solely on Internet development
Targeted “Needs Analysis” based on budget and strategic goals
Custom fit solutions that grow with your industry
Collectively, over 20 years of industry experience
Using the latest tools, technology and the finest talent in the industry, CMS can provide the following:

Web Sites and graphical artwork
Electronic commerce and secure electronic data exchange
Interactive forms, on-line data base search and retrieval
Automated mail replies to e-mail requests
Front-end access through Internet Browsers to information resources over divergent platforms
Networking Services, custom software development
Together, we can take your business on-line 

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