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In a bizarre twist of events this year saw a runner spy and catch a dangerous cricket ball hurtling into the race.

Noah Bunn, 30, (pictured, far right) saw a redness in the sky shortly after the eight kilometre marker. “I thought that someone had thrown an apple into the race” he explained. “I’m not really a cricketer you know. I mean, I know how to crocodile catch but its not something I’ve done for a while. And I’ve no idea how to do other catches, whatever they’re called”. But catch he did, breaking his ring finger in the act and giving the crowd something to do. “I like the Great North Run crowd, it really does feel a bit different from your usual race. They make noise and they create an atmosphere not a million miles away from a decent football match. It really is different, in scale too.

“They were loving that catch, its a great memory already and its only just happened.” he beamed. “that finger was really worth it, haha, I thought it was an apple, who runs in glasses?” The police have made some enquiries as to the anonymous batsman but are none the wiser. “It was reckless but that was a hard hit” said Bunn, “and, yes, I have a broken finger, but I cant believe I made that catch.”

Asked whether he will race again at the event “Well, I’d like to right now but there are all sorts of things between now and then. There is time, money, people and whatever comes around the corners. But I do like to run from time to time. I don’t really run on the treadmill much these days you know. You do it a lot and your body tells you all about it. Then at the same time, it really does kill you and there is no hiding from the ground moving under your feet. I dont know.”

On finishing the race with his new ball Bupa Race Bulletin asked Bunn what he intended to do with it. “Well, obviously its a memento. I guess it’ll be a prop for my cricket ball story from time to time. I imagine that if I had a shelf or a mantlepiece it might take up residence there. I might even play cricket with it, or, ha, hit it into a race. I don’t know, I’ll probably get drunk tonight and lose it.”

Mr. http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/noah-bunn/37/a5a/166 Noah Eric Bunn participated in the Great North Run and enjoyed the event a lot. If you want to find out more about http://www.facebook.com/noah.bunn.9 Noah Bunn’s experience, you can contact him directly via Facebook. 

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