Air conditioner Repair Service, Boca Raton FL

Air conditioner Repair Service, Boca Raton FL

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Penguin Air now provides you with Ac Conditioner Service Boca Raton Fl. They also provide you with many special offers against $50 and more repairs. Usually in these cases they provide you with free service calls and for this you can save up to $69. They so provide you with free estimates such as
• Quality of air, indoor.
• Consultation of new systems.
• Systems with high efficiency.
Ac Conditioner service Boca Raton Fl does not charge extra for any services provided in the weekends. In Ac Conditioner service Boca Raton Fl the service calls are never answered by machines but by service advisors. In Air conditioning service Boca Raton FL all the technicians are certified EPA employees. In case of emergency service Boca Raton Fl ac repair provides you with a truck which is always full of necessities.
The services provided by them are as follows:
• Ac repairing
• Estimates regarding Air conditioning (FREE)
• Duct cleaning
• Installation of new systems
• Preventive measures
• Quality of indoor air.
Boca Raton Fl ac repair is open through out the week. There are no voice calls but as stated earlier the calls are received by advisors. To experience it today call at 1-561-405-9474. Penguin Air also considers the security of its customers. This is why
• All the trucks are labeled.
• The technicians will be pre-screened.
• Technicians will be in proper uniforms.
• The background check of the technicians is done thoroughly.
Even Penguin Air thinks about the security of the security of its customers’. They accept all types of cards and the security or protection of their customers’ credit or debit card entirely rests on Penguin Air. Even the truck carrying the emergency goods are well equipped in order that the employees can accept credit or debit cards. The other services provided Penguin Air is as follows:
• Quality of the indoor air- Allergies.
• The coil cleaning of air conditioners
• Ac with soaring competence.
• Dirty ducts and their cleaning.
• Tips for saving energy.
The products offered by Penguin Air are as follows:
• Installation of Ultra-violet light.
• Dehumidifiers.
• Installation of Dehumidistat.
• Surge Arrester.
• Installation of programmable thermostat.
The special services offered by Penguin Air are:
• High communicating efficiency AC system.
• Duct distribution.
• housing and marketable Ac service.
• Specialist of Indoor Air quality.
• Ac coil cleaning.
• Cleaning of Air handler.
The daily discounts offered by Penguin Air are as follows:
• All service calls are free with repair of more than $69.
• Free Ac estimates.
• They do not charge for any work done in the weekends.
• Discounts for teachers.
• Discounts for militaries.
• Discounts for senior citizens.
• Discounts for people from police dep.
• Discounts for people from fire dep.
Penguin Air also offers warranties like –
• A year warranty on works.
• Workmanship guarantee (FREE)
• Customer satisfaction (FREE)
• Manufacturer Parts (for 10yrs)

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