A psychologist and a co domestic violence lawyer go hand in hand to help you get through a crisis of domestic violence

A psychologist and a co domestic violence lawyer go hand in hand to help you get through a crisis of domestic violence

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The theme of Colorado domestic violence seems to be very fashionable these days. Still, people prefer discussing it from the following perspective: domestic violence is something to be condemned, because it has negative effects. What is omitted is the fact that domestic violence is a symptom of couple relationships. The tendency to isolate the psychological is so strong that, even when it is invoked, it seems to be part of another scenario – one having absolutely no connection to the idea of couple. What is the problem? The matrix couple is cancelled. More specifically, the two are no longer presented as a couple and the fact of being together is blamed. They are separated into victim and aggressor, and responsibility belongs to the aggressor 100%. Unconscious elements and any possible involvement of psychologically reasonable elements are removed from the start. But with help from a psychologist and a co domestic violence lawyer, the situation could get better.

This attitude is at least psychologically naive. It is based on sociological, statistical research, which cancels the human being status of both partners and, especially, of the couple. These items exclude uniqueness of human being, leading it into a sort of standard society. The unconscious is what sociology excludes.

Domestic violence is an element of a couple’s relationship. As the name implies, it involves a domestic relationship between two people based on violence. When we talk about these symptoms, we talk about the two persons together. Cancellation of this issue is, unfortunately, the main failure of campaigns against domestic violence. This creates the image of an abuser and a victim who live together without one of them to agree. This is practically impossible.

Apparently, one would like to leave, but deep down things are different. Psychologists talk about a certain “satisfaction” to be the victim. Often, it is because of the attention received from other people, including the attacker, and this type of benefit is often more important than the suffering involved. But this devaluation of the role of the victim is not a beneficial aspect of the couple.

Colorado domestic violence should be analyzed as part of the couple. It includes at least four essential components in the development of any person: sexuality, aggression, power and safety / stability. Why these four take the form of violence and not the other form is a response that can be searched and found in both partners, separately and together, in their family history, education and development.

In conclusion, domestic violence is a symptom of the couple in which both are actively involved. Psychological analysis of domestic violence may be an answer to the problem itself, along with legal advice from a co domestic violence lawyer. It is either an accepted way by both partners that meets their needs or one that does not meet their needs. Most of the time, behind violence stands a lack of affection, love, which is true both for the victim and for the aggressor.

Colorado domestic violence http://www.co-criminaldefense.com/ has a profound significance for both of the people involved. Understanding these meanings is the most important therapeutic element. If they both choose this way of being, it is their right; if they realize that this way is one that does not meet their needs, they may choose to make a change. A co domestic violence lawyer http://www.co-criminaldefense.com/ will be the first to help them. 

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