A blooming tea set offers the peace of eternity in a cup of tea!

A blooming tea set offers the peace of eternity in a cup of tea!

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The tea ceremony is a unique meeting of our pure essence with the pure essence of other beings, a meeting taking place in the silent space of the heart, which has the purpose to make us a whole. It is a unique, unrepeatable experience signifying living of the present moment, of the eternal. Therefore, a flowering tea gift consisting of a blooming tea set is always a perfect choice for someone special in your life.

The universe of pure essences awakened during the sacred tea ceremony is very vast. This initiative is actually a way to reach an enlightenment state called tea ceremonial way. It is driven by four fundamental principles: harmony (to be in harmony with yourself and with the whole nature), respect (creating an interior space of the heart, opening to others), inner peace and purity. The last one stands for purification of the being through the 5 senses: hearing (we listen to water sound that reminds us of inner peace), sight (the aesthetic harmony of floral arrangements and of the room), touching (reaching utensils), smell (the flavoured fragrance of the tea) and taste (enjoying tea). When contemplating the tea bowl in silence, we become one with our deeper nature.

By its nature and its unique arrangement, the central part of the flowering tea gift is the famous blooming tea. This amazing and delightful type of tea blooms in your cup right in front of your eyes! It is amazing how the ball of dried leaves blooms like a flower in jasmine rainbows on a bed of green tea and chrysanthemum and other flowers and leaves combinations. Such a blooming tea set is a unique, fascinating, charming experience, transposing the mind in the Zen state of amazement, wonder and blissful peace.

The set includes a box of blooming tea. This tea is unique, handcrafted from leaves and flowers that are sewn tightly in a ball of tea leaves of exceptional quality! When infused, the sphere of leaves and flowers gradually opens, providing a unique floral arrangement and an unforgettable taste! It is made from the leaves and flowers collected in the morning when they are still wet with dew, then they are sorted, smoothed, and the artisans roll them and sew them skilfully with thin silk threads in different forms and structures with inflorescences. The most used are the leaves of green tea, white tea, jasmine flowers, etc.

The little ball is put in the teapot (which must be transparent so that you can admire the blooming spectacle) and then boiling water is poured over it. As the tea infuses, the leaves become soft and you can admire the blossoming of the ball into an inflorescence full of harmony and balance! After five to ten minutes, you can drink the tea which has dozens of fine fragrances. An unforgettable experience indeed!

The gift set also includes a special teapot of very fine glass, which stands for the matrix of the universe, nature, which gathers all the precious ingredients and elixirs, so that when we are ready, we can receive them with wonder, revealing our pure essence.

A blooming tea set : https://www.exoticteapot.co.uk/tea-sets/ is a great gift for tea lovers, for those who prefer harmony and peace, for those who practice Zen meditation, for those with fine tastes and for all that you think will enjoy a unique sensory experience. The flowering tea gift : https://www.exoticteapot.co.uk/tea-gifts/ is prepared with a lot of attention to detail, in a particular delicate and harmoniously decorated arrangement.

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A blooming tea set offers the peace of eternity in a cup of tea!, 2.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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